Project metodology

The project has been developed in a way that ensures the achievement of the objectives that have been set by the partners. The programme of the actions has been scheduled jointly by partners in order to be realistic and feasible. The division of the activities into work packages includes all necessary steps that will allow the project’s sound implementation.

 Specifically, the development of a website will take place at the beginning of the project so as to increase to the visibility of the actions and to contribute to project’s promotion. Additionally, the first step includes the research design and execution of the research on the efficiency of the current recycling and waste management methods.

 The research will give up the picture of the current status in the region and what has to be done in order the region to obtain the most efficient strategy of recycling and sustainable waste management. In the meantime, teams from all partners will work on developing the facilities of Struga Municipality. Once the research outcomes are analysed the development of the guide in both electronic and physical form, will be initiated along with the e-learning infrastructure. With the e-tools operational, the seminars and workshops will begin.In parallel, special teams from both sides will work in designing the certification system and how the attraction and promotion system will function.

The aim is the certification to be ready once the seminars are in progress in order the participating SMEs to obtain them on time. The facilities of Struga are planned to be finished in the middle of the project so the local SMEs to start using them and implementing the guide.


The partners will monitor the progress of the activities through the conduct of regular progress meetings and progress reports, safeguarding the sound implementation and the maintaining an efficient feedback and communication. The final presentation of the results will be made through the organisation of two open conferences with the presence of entrepreneurs, stakeholders and representatives of local authorities. This event will also result to the development of an evaluation report that will assist in the preparation of proposals for further continuance of the project. The actions for information and publicity such as informative brochures, press releases and project logo will take place throughout the duration of the project leading to the gain of further visibility